We are the perfect combination of creative minds & control freaks joining forces. Experienced in balancing the strict and organized approach of budgeting and planning, with the artistic, ground-breaking and unpredictable world of art, fashion and luxury. Never afraid to think out the box, we are a brave and visionary agency that has energy and passion for inspiring events.


After studying Events Management at the Business School of London, Elana pursued her studies by entering the world-renowned Business & Hospitality Management School, the Ecole Hôtelière of Lausanne. Travelling non-stop as a child she has an international perspective on the world of business, the many languages she speaks allows her to work with confidence in a cosmopolitan environment. Having worked with established brands on various occasions, Elana has insight in the way in which these companies create their brand awareness.


Enzo is an uncommon character, a multi-talented artist, stylist and photographer. After achieving his diploma at the BCM school in Milano, Enzo went on to work with multiple media companies in Milano, Geneva and London. Now, with over 10 years of experience in events management, Enzo has developed a wide network in both the fashion and media industries. Expressing his passion in various ways, he enjoys being involved throughout the creative process. Evolving from his experience with both fashion and events, he has a personal style, balancing Italian elegance with British sophistication.



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